12 Types of Machines for Your Construction Fleet this Holiday

Monk JCB - 12 Types of Machine for Your Construction Fleet for this Holiday

The holidays are a time for joy and celebration, but they are also meant for treating yourself and loved ones to once-a-year gifts to mark the special occasion. Christmas is an excellent time to invest in new machinery for your fleet. Buying new equipment helps you embrace the holiday spirit and prepare your fleet for projects you take on in the new year.

As we celebrate this holiday season, we’re putting a unique twist on the classic 12 days of Christmas. Join MonkJCB as we explore the 12 types of heavy construction equipment you need this holiday season to make the construction process easier and faster and fulfill your Christmas wishlist.

1. On The First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me One Heavy Track Excavator

Excavators are widely used equipment in the construction industry. The main uses are digging but they are also used for many purposes like heavy lifting, demolition, dredging, etc.

Our vision from the start was to design and engineer our most advanced 20 ton tracked excavator. In fact, our best ever. Listening to customer demands, our engineering teams have obsessed over every minute detail of this world-class excavator. Using automotive quality materials and proven components, our design is both rugged and refined. The result is a machine to be taken seriously. A machine to be trusted,  perfect for gifting your company as a practical Christmas present.

Learn more about our JCB 220X and JCB 131X.

2. On The Second Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Two Wheeled Excavators

The JCB Hydradig 110W is the first wheeled excavator and tool carrier designed for purpose without compromise. JCB is the first to move the engine, tanks, and ancillaries to the chassis, making the JCB Hydradig 110W first for visibility, stability, maneuverability, mobility, and serviceability. This machine is sure to fulfill any Christmas wish list and get your new year off to a good start.  

Learn more about our JCB Hydradig 110W.

3. On The Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Three Compact Excavators

Tracked excavators have been a part of the JCB manufacturing family for over 50 years. With all this experience and insight, our latest compact excavators have been developed to exceed our customers’ standards. They are quite simply the strongest and highest performing next generation machines we’ve ever built, an ideal holiday purchase to make your company’s New Year brighter.

Learn more about our JCB 35 Z , JCB 50Z, JCB 55Z and JCB 86C.

4. On The Forth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Four Backhoe Loaders

Due to its (relatively) small size and versatility, backhoe loaders are very common in urban engineering and small construction projects, such as building a small house, fixing urban roads, and developing countries. A backhoe loader can help you spread Christmas cheer as your company helps rebuild and restore communities one project at a time.

Learn more about our 1CXT, 3CX, and 4CX.

5. On The Fifth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Five Wheeled Loaders

As the New Year’s holiday approaches, start January with reliable, safety-supporting machinery. A wheel loader is a key part of the on-site process. That’s why the JCB wheeled loaders are built on a foundation of quality and reliability. The process we’ve used through design and manufacture will safeguard your working process, hour after hour, day after day.

Learn more about our JCB 427.

6. On The Sixth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Six Compact Tract Loaders

With a durable compact track loader from MonkJCB, your fleet will be ready to perform any demolition job in the new year. The large-platform, Hi-Viz, JCB 270T compact track loader provides the operator with excellent attachment visibility. The JCB 270 is a vertical lift machine with a rated operating capacity of 3,995 lb (1,812 kg) and a low center of gravity, making it well-suited to demolition applications and the use of breakers and rock saws.

Learn more about our JCB 270 T.

7. On The Seventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Seven Skid Steer Loaders

Give your fleet the gift of power and performance this year. JCB skid steers are equipped with a 74 hp (55 kW) engine and the iconic JCB Powerboom™ with side-door entry. They are stronger and safer than conventional machines, and deliver the power, performance and reliability that today’s operators and fleet managers demand.

Learn more about our JCB 270.

8. On The Eigth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me Eight Teleskids

The JCB Teleskid can do the work of four machines – a forklift, telescopic handler, compact loader and of course a skid steer, providing unbeatable productivity. This machine is a four-in-one present you can give your fleet to boost productivity to complete jobs faster and easier.

Learn more about our JCB 3TS.

9. On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me Nine Site Dumpers

A customizable site dumper is ideal for the holiday season. Site dumpers are used to transport loose construction materials such as excavated dirt, gravel or sand. JCB site dumpers are well equipped with standard features that enhance safety, visibility and versatility, and are enhanced with a comprehensive list of available options—including bucket tipping configurations and operator stations—to tailor a machine to meet your exact requirements.

Learn more about our JCB 1T-2E, and JCB 5TD.

10. On the Tenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me Ten Telehandlers

JCB has been pioneering the telehandler concept since 1977. Since then, we’ve remained the world’s first choice, and the JCB telehandler range has come to epitomize the very highest levels of performance and productivity. Meet the material handling needs of any job site or project this holiday with a reliable telehandler from Monk JCB.

Learn more about our JCB 510-56, JCB 505-20, and JCB 505-20E (NEW) 100% Electric.

11. On the Eleventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me Eleven Access Platforms

JCB recognizes that equipment must be easy to use to maximize productivity. Get your New Year off to a productive start with access platforms from MonkJCB, such as our scissor life range. Designed with many unique features as standard, the JCB Access scissor lift range is safe, productive and easy to operate and service.

Learn more about our AJ48D, and S1930E.

12. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me Twelve Attachments

Be prepared for any new projects in the New Year by investing in a range of attachments for your heavy machinery. Monk JCB has a variety of attachments to serve your construction needs.

Monk JCB is here to serve all your heavy equipment construction needs. We wish you the merriest of seasons from our team!

View our showroom for our entire collection of professional construction equipment to find the perfect gift for your fleet.  

Happy Holidays from our Monk JCB team!