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What To Consider When Buying Heavy Construction Equipment

What to Consider When Buying Heavy Equipment

Heavy machines and construction equipment are an essential part of a construction business. Investing in quality construction equipment can help improve the efficiency and profitability of your operations. However, heavy and technologically advanced machines are often expensive, and it’s essential to know how to buy them.

The construction market is currently growing, and it’s a good time to invest in high-quality equipment. According to a recent PwC report, the U.S. heavy construction equipment industry predictions indicate a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a growing demand for construction equipment. The growth is being fueled by an increase in infrastructure projects and urban development. When buying heavy construction equipment, there are a few items to consider.

When you’re shopping around for construction equipment, consider:

Quality of Heavy Construction Equipment


Essentially, you should look for a quality machine that suits your needs. Besides your team, your equipment is your biggest asset. Often, construction equipment remains exposed to rain, snow, or hail for long periods. Investing in high-quality equipment ensures resistance to harsh weather conditions. Also, you’ll end up saving on maintenance and repair costs.

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment


The size of the machine you need depends on the type of job, and you must ensure the equipment meets the demands of the work. Look at features such as rated operating capacity, lift, extension, maneuverability, and controls.

Rated operating capacity is a stability measurement for skid-steer loaders and other machines. It’s calculated as 50% of a machine’s tipping load, which is the amount of weight that would lift the machine’s rear tires when applied to the bucket. You want to make sure the machine can carry the necessary weight.

Consider whether you want wheeled or tracked machines. Wheeled machines are better for dry pavement, while tracked machines function better in muddy conditions. Depending on your usual worksite conditions, you might benefit from one more than the other.

A Modern Fleet Technology for Heavy Construction Equipment


The technology of heavy construction equipment has been growing in recent years. U.S. equipment manufacturers and tech giants are working on developing autonomous machinery. In the coming years, fields such as robotics and AI will increasingly influence the construction sector.
A simple task may only require a basic machine, but often jobs call for construction equipment with advanced technological features. Investing in technologically advanced equipment can enhance the overall performance of your business. Technologically advanced machines get more work done in less time.

New models can also alert users about necessary maintenance or repairs, ensuring greater safety and efficiency. If mechanical problems are detected early in machines, you can repair them before it’s too late. Take a look at our latest machines from 2021.

Safety is important with Heavy Construction Equipment


Investing in equipment built with quality materials can save you a lot of money and problems down the line. High-quality machinery holds up in bad weather, especially if left exposed to elements for extended periods. Before buying heavy construction equipment, you should review cold climate tests and high-stress loading tests done by the manufacturer.

It’s important to purchase machines with good safety features. Machines designed for greater visibility ensure the worker in the cabin can easily see what’s happening around him. Also, a sliding left window for improved ventilation and better communication with co-workers is an excellent feature since it makes maneuvering the machine a lot easier.

Cost of Heavy Construction Equipment


The purchase price is certainly an important thing to consider when buying heavy equipment. However, aim for a balance between price and quality. Paying a higher price for a quality machine is beneficial in the long run because quality models have fewer maintenance costs and better fuel efficiency.

Fuel is a high operating cost in the construction business, and it’s essential to use efficient machines that minimize these expenses. New models on the market can reduce fuel consumption with advanced, energy-efficient technologies. Maintenance is also vital for keeping repair costs low, and a well-maintained machine lasts for longer.

Resale Value of Heavy Construction Equipment


When purchasing construction machinery, it’s crucial to take the resale value into account. Certain brands and models stay in good condition for many years and can later sell for a reasonable price. A high resale value can justify paying a premium price for a top-quality machine.

Seller's Reputation when buying Heavy Construction Equipment


When buying heavy machinery, you should choose durable and reliable products from a trusted brand like JCB. The quality of your machines is an essential part of your business. They help you appear impressive to clients and build confidence in your company to win jobs. JCB has been a leading provider of heavy equipment for over 75 years.

Before buying a machine, it’s essential to look at after-purchase services such as ongoing technical support and warranties. These are much cheaper to add on when signing the contract. Extended warranties are generally inexpensive and can be helpful in case a problem crops up outside the warranty window. Customer service agreements are valuable if you want the dealer to handle repairs and maintenance.

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At Monk JCB, we can help you choose the best construction equipment for your specific needs. We are a family-owned business with dealer principal Bryan Monk bringing over three decades of experience in the heavy equipment industry to the table. As a global business, we operate from 22 plants across 6 continents and manufacture 300 different construction equipment products. Find more information about us on our website or call us at 281-982-9030 for assistance or to request a quote.