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Infrastructure Bill Creating Boom in Construction

Infrastructure is on the minds of everyone, from politicians in the nation’s capital to families avoiding potholes on the way to work. The government’s 2021 Infrastructure Bill manifested this widespread consciousness surrounding infrastructure. The Bill will see an investment of over $1 trillion into the USA’s roads, bridges, railways, and ports.

This substantial infrastructure investment coincides with global market growth in construction. Experts predict that the growth average will be 4.9% through 2025. With this growth, it is the best time to build your heavy construction equipment fleet. 

MONK JCB Opens New, Heavy Construction Equipment Facility in Houston, Texas

Monk JCB recently opened its new $8MM facility in Houston, TX, joining a rapidly growing network of dealerships for the largest privately-held construction equipment manufacturer in the world.

A family business to its core, Alice Bamford, daughter of JCB Chairman Lord Bamford and granddaughter of company founder Joseph Cyril Bamford (Mr. JCB), officiated the ceremony.

Leaders in Earth-Centric Heavy Construction Equipment Innovation

In the world of heavy construction equipment, new machinery must perform its intended job with power and consistency while also embracing eco-friendly innovations that are better for the environment.

With innovations like electric-powered excavators and machines that don’t require DEF, DPF, or engine after treatment, companies like JCB are leading the way for environmentally sound construction equipment design and operation.

Learn why JCB is the leader in earth-centric heavy construction equipment innovation and how this sets us apart in the industry.

What to Consider When Buying Heavy Construction Equipment

Heavy machines and construction equipment are an essential part of a construction business. Investing in quality construction equipment can help improve the efficiency and profitability of your operations. However, heavy and technologically advanced machines are often expensive, and it’s essential to know how to buy them. Learn more about key items to consider as well as safety, cost, resale value and more. 

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