JCB Monk 3CX

The JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader is the result of innovative JCB technologies brought together to extract maximum productivity.

Combining low cost of ownership, superior strength and innovative features galore, the JCB 3CX is a great value machine from the world’s number one backhoe manufacturer. Performance and efficiency are all class-leading, making this a perfect solution for large fleets, rental yards, and smaller businesses alike. Learn why the JCB 3CX is a machine that deserves the slogan, innovation meets productivity.


We understand that a low cost of ownership is essential in today’s competitive world. JCB 3CX is designed to give you the ultimate value for money.

Unlike most entry-level backhoes, this an extremely efficient machine. JCB’s EcoMAX engine is very powerful and offers excellent fuel economy by producing high torque at low revs.

With high breakout forces, you’ll be able to shift more material in less time. Put simply, these are the most efficient loaders in their class.


Whatever you have in store for your backhoe loader fleet, you’re safe in the knowledge that the JCB 3CX is built to withstand anything. Structural parts are tough, and key componentry is well protected from harm.

JCB uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology, and innovative assembly techniques to achieve the highest levels of quality.


The JCB 3CX is designed to offer you ultimate productivity which of course equates to ultimate value for money. Performance is best-in-class and so is the machine’s standard specification. 

  • A more productive backhoe.
  1. Select our optional Extradig package and an innovative inner box design to give you an extra 3’9” of reach and dig depth. That means less repositioning and efficiency.
  2. This backhoe excels both uneven terrain and confined spaces thanks to a winning combination of high ground clearance and excellent turning circle.
  3. There’s a powerful slew to ensure fast and controllable backfilling.

  • Lifting standards.
  1. Load retention is exceptional with the 3CX’s 45-degree loader bucket rotation. Best-in-class loader break-out forces give exceptional breakout ability improving loading times.
  2. JCB’s highest versatile 6-in-1 bucket is compatible with the 3CX backhoe, meaning that operators can dig, doze, load, grab, grade, and backfill with just one tool.
  3. Large 24” wheels give excellent stability when working on uneven ground.


We’ve made sure the JCB 3CX provides maximum uptime by virtue of being incredibly easy to service. Routine maintenance is straightforward, a daily check couldn’t be simpler, and there’s plenty of ground-level accessibility.

All of the 3CX’s daily checks and routine servicing can be done from one side of the machine. Important service items are grouped, too, for improved access and improved productivity.


Another important contributor to productivity is comfort, after all, a comfortable operator is a productive one. Accordingly, the JCB 3CX is designed for day long operator comfort.

Operating the JCB 3CX is straight forward; the traditional manual control system is easy and comfortable to operate. Our fully adjustable suspension seat comes as standard, providing operators with improved comfort and reduced fatigue for longer working stints.

The JCB 3CX comes with a choice of a canopy or a cab; our cabs are pressurized to ensure a clean and controlled working environment with an optional air conditioning package.


At Monk JCB, we can help you choose the best construction equipment for your specific needs. We are a family-owned business with dealer principal Bryan Monk bringing over three decades of experience in the heavy equipment industry to the table.

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