JCB For All Your Construction Heavy Equipment Needs

Monk JCB for all Your Heavy Construction Equipment Needs


With over 70 years of experience, JCB has become a leader in providing equipment solutions for the heavy construction industry. Driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence, they have brought revolutionary changes to the sector regarding control, comfort, efficiency, performance, and safety.


Control – Designed with easy-to-see information and easy-to-use controls, JCB machines make great places to work. Industry-leading digital screen technology lets users tailor and store settings for total control.

Comfort – JCB has always been an industry leader when it comes to comfort. Ergonomic design, automotive quality materials, and engineering excellence deliver exceptional comfort. Ride comfort and low noise rival the best in the business, and a comfortable environment means high productivity.

Efficiency – Designed with fuel efficiency controls to keep running costs low, owning JCB machines is a great business decision. Ultimately, the cost of ownership is your primary concern as a business. Owners are pleased that our machines have been designed to keep running costs as low as possible.

Performance – State-of-the-art innovation design features make JCB’s versatility and productivity the best in class. Each machine is carefully constructed to provide the highest levels of efficiency with minimal emissions – no other manufacturer can match.

Safety – JCB heavy equipment is designed with safety as a priority to the owner, operator, bystanders, and the machine itself. With maximum safety, downtime is minimized thanks to our new developments.


JCB has been at the forefront of the heavy construction industry for decades, pushing boundaries and introducing new technologies. JCB has moved ahead of the competition to develop electric technology to meet customers’ demands for zero-emission products. The company has led the way by introducing a battery-electric solution for smaller machines. With all this experience and insight, JCB’s range of heavy equipment has been developed to exceed our customers’ standards. They are the strongest and highest-performing machines on the market.


The name JCB has become synonymous with reliable heavy construction equipment and solutions for over 70 years. Bryan Monk, the Dealer Principal of Monk JCB, oversees the sales and operations of JCB products in Southeast Texas. With over three decades of experience in the heavy equipment industry, Bryan has assembled an experienced team who knows the construction industry’s needs.

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