Securing the Jobsite

Securing the Jobsite
In 2016 the FBI reported 11,574 pieces of construction equipment stolen nationwide. The economic effects of a stolen piece of equipment go beyond the simple replacement cost. Your company can experience a loss of productivity, increased downtime, and costly project delays resulting from a single theft.

The best way to avoid the damaging effects of theft is to prevent it in the first place. You can take several steps to protect your investments and keep your job site safe from theft.

Worksite Theft Results in Losses Not Immediately Seen

Theft will affect your business beyond the mere cost of replacing the stolen equipment. As tools used to do heavy construction work, construction equipment loss results in delayed work, and you could incur late completion fees. Some adverse economic effects of theft include:

  • Loss of valuable equipment
  • Loss of productivity
  • Cost of replacement rental equipment
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Possible fines due to delayed completion

Ways to Prevent Jobsite Theft

You can take several preventative steps to protect your jobsite from employee and outside theft. Take these steps at every work site to maximize their effectiveness and minimize risk.

Secure Your Jobsite
Establishing site security and an anti-theft plan can prevent most equipment theft. Create a security map that identifies vulnerabilities and potential risks, and create a set of procedures should any equipment go missing. Notify local law enforcement of the potential for theft and let them know of any security concerns you may have. 

Make your anti-theft policies clear with all employees and contractors. Strictly enforce a zero-tolerance approach and let everyone know that theft will result in immediate termination and criminal prosecution. 

The more secure your jobsite is, the fewer opportunities there will be for theft. Starting from day one, secure your jobsite, know what equipment is present, in what quantity, and its location on the site, and know who has access to which pieces. Also, consider the following security tactics: 

  • Install fencing and limit the number of people with access
  • Add security lighting
  • Post “No Trespassing” signs
  • Hire a security guard, especially at night
  • Lock up tools, extra materials, and equipment at the end of the day

Keep Records of Your Equipment
You must know exactly what equipment is present on all jobsites. Keep meticulous, detailed records of every piece you send to a site, including operators, time used, and when returned. Knowing every detail will keep it safe and allow recovery if stolen. Keep a record of:

  • The make, model, and serial number for all machines on site
  • Photographs of all equipment
  • Proof of registration of your equipment

Secure Your Construction Equipment
Taking steps to make sure your equipment is theft-proof will reduce loss. Locking up your tools and making them difficult to move or unusable if stolen will deter many thefts. At the end of every work day:

  • Remove wheels or batteries
  • Lower bladed and buckets
  • Add locks designed to freeze control and lock wheels in place

Use Fleet Tracking Technology Like Live Link
Securing your equipment with the latest technology can add an extra layer of anti-theft protection. Technology like Live Link can give you real-time data about every piece of heavy equipment on a jobsite and let you know that the right operators are correctly using it. This technology goes beyond theft prevention; it also helps you have:

  • Real-time location and Geofencing alerts
  • GPS tracking
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved fleet control
  • Reduced insurance costs

Report Losses Immediately
If a piece of equipment goes missing, you need to report it to law enforcement as quickly as possible. The return of stolen equipment happens only 10-15% of the time. The key to recovery is early discovery and fast law enforcement response. The sooner they get on the case, the higher chance of its return and of finding and prosecuting the perpetrators. If you suspect equipment is missing or stolen, you should:

  • Notify authorities with details like the make, model, and serial number
  • Inform the insurance company to start a claim to replace the missing equipment as soon as possible
  • Report to the National Equipment Register or Heavy Equipment Register to aid law enforcement

Monk JCB Can Help You Protect Your Equipment

Monk JCB offers warranties and protection technology to keep all your construction equipment safe from theft, misuse, and damage. Contact Monk JCB today to learn more about Live Link and how to protect your heavy construction equipment.